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Industrial Automation
industrie IT industrial

Industrial computers and embedded systems as a platform for modern automation technology

High reliability, difficult environmental conditions and essential for machine manufacturers – long-term availability. All this distinguishes our products in this application segment. We not only offer you the computer platform for your production or machine control, but also many years of IT and measuring technology know-how to assist you in selecting the right components as a partner. All systems are assembled and tested in our house so that 24/7 even in the harsh reality meets their requirements.

Vienna Fire Department, MA 68: IT Equipment

High-performance servers for the operations control center. Limitation of industrial PCs to 2 height units, “multi-monitor” graphics cards for video walls, remote operation to a distance of more than 50m and workstations with maximum speed with silent operation as possible were part of the requirements

AVL: Industrial Computers

Monthly demand coverage of high-end servers

Thales Group / Austrian Federal Railways: IT Equipment

Equipment of the operations management center (BFZ) for ÖBB Linz and Salzburg

Automotive and traffic telematics
vehicle automotive fahrzeuge

Vehicle and embedded computer solutions for mobile use

Vehicles and traffic computers – road or rail – often require embedded systems and computers, which are precisely reduced to the required functions and space-saving to install. In most cases, these requirements are also accompanied by a robust, vibration-resistant design / housing, high temperature resistance and the corresponding certifications. Whether control tasks, telemetry or communication are in the foreground – we offer you the appropriate devices and components.

ASFINAG / T-Systems: Mobile toll systems

The planning and delivery included the equipment of the hardware of 48 vehicles with which the toll control is carried out throughout Austria. Special emphasis has been placed on the purchase of equipment that is suitable for both extended temperature range, and for use in vehicles.

ÖBB: Mileage System, Uplift Measurement

The task of the chaining is to automatically provide a reliable, meter-accurate position during the test drive, which is recorded synchronously to the measured data and can be automatically recorded in a damage description. To measure was the lift – the vertical movement of the contact wire at the base when the train passes by, including the subsequent swing-out behavior.

Siemens: Traffic Radar

Equipment and assembly

Digital Signage
digital signage

Digital signage for buses, trams, buildings and public facilities, information systems

Digital signage can not be thought away from today’s everyday life. Many pieces of information are now communicated digitally over monitors, including timetables and timetables in train stations, buses and trains, public area messages, commercial advertisements, and information displays in public facilities, just to name a few.

Postbus Linz / Klagenfurt
Dr. Richard – Buses
Tram Innsbruck

Information systems for public transport

Testing and measuring
testing measurement testen prüfen messen

Test benches for product and series tests, measuring cases, measuring and testing technology

Whether process, machine or long-term monitoring, we are sure to offer the right solution for your needs. Mobile measuring case for portable applications with connection to modern communication networks, test equipment for product development or 24/7 test stands for production and quality monitoring. Our employees have more than 30 years of experience in this field. Let us support you in your tasks.

Hoffmann Elektrokohle (Schunk Carbon): Starter Test Stand

Test rig for testing the life of starters of motor vehicles. Two starters are to be clamped on the test device, which alternately complete up to 20,000 cycles. The test procedure (start cycle test and power measurement) should be carried out using a freely adjustable parameter file and graphically displayed and stored. A compression simulation simulates the process when starting the starter.

Gebauer und Griller: Cable Test Bench

Parallel to the “classic” voltage test of the cables, a temperature measurement is carried out in order to interrupt the process if necessary in the event of overheating.

Frigopol – RHL Kälteanlagen GmbH: Test bench for compressors of chillers

In addition to the electrical parameters such as voltage, current, effective, reactive, apparent power, cosPhi and frequency, it was necessary to record up to 30 temperatures. As a base software, DasyLab was chosen to achieve low development time and lower costs. The data are presented online and subsequently processed for a test protocol.

Civil engineering and monitoring
engineering monitoring ziviltechnik

Online monitoring of structures, mobile measurement technology for building inspection

The statics is the foundation of every building, a bridge, stadiums to the nuclear power plant. It is all the more important, over the life of these structures, to check these for constructional and damaging changes. Modern methods of vibration monitoring can be essential here help to identify weaknesses and initiate any necessary remedial work. In addition, the data obtained can also be used for the calculation and planning of future structures. We offer civil engineers the appropriate measuring technology platforms.

VCE: Tai Chung Bridge

The Tai-Chung cable-stayed bridge in Taiwan had to be equipped with a continuous measuring system, which constantly monitors the vibration characteristics of the overall construction and the characteristics of the cable-stayed cables in particular. From the data obtained, the tensile forces acting in the stay cables can be calculated and the condition of the overall construction can be assessed for the purposes of safety checks.

Bridge Monitoring

The main problem in bridge monitoring is that many, sometimes highly sensitive sensors (acceleration, strain gauges, temperature, etc.) must be spread over distances of a few hundred meters and still require a synchronous scan (difference <100 μs) to complete the To be able to evaluate measured data obtained with special building analysis methods.

VCE: Reichsbrücke

Together with the research center Arsenal Research in Vienna, a novel concept in the area of ​​bridge monitoring was to be developed and put into practice by means of a permanent measuring system at the Vienna Reichsbrücke.

Custom solutions
research individual forschung

Development of individual hardware and software solutions

Often, companies need special solutions that are not met by standard products available on the market. Challenge us with your special requirement / task. In addition to our internal resources, thanks to our strong network of partners, we are able to offer products tailored exactly to the project in terms of hardware as well as software.

Aplica: Weather Station

On the basis of an in-house weather station, the GreenNode concept is illustrated. The real-time connection of a weather station upgraded GreenNode will be demonstrated. The project was funded with the kind support of the FFG.

Semmelrock: Dust-Proof Printer

The task was to deliver a dust-proof printer, which can reliably print a high number of pages under various ambient temperatures. It is an individually designed, overpressure-ventilated multi-chamber system, which has been equipped with adjustable hotplates and multi-stage filters for dust-free air circulation.

Green Eye Data and Green Node Server

Green Eye Data is a concept for standardizing, exchanging and publishing measurement data of all kinds. Together with the GreenNode concept, it offers the solution for your application to record any sensory parameters, store them locally and transfer them to the cloud can.